Adaptive Technologies Inc.

We build the finance & insurance infrastructure of tomorrow.

We help you to advance into the future of finance and insurance with customized solutions. Everything we develop is powered by open-source technology that can be easily integrated with your existing software.


Custom financial solutions using open-source software

With a combined experience of more than a decade in the insurance sector, we have tackled big problems in the accounting, financial, and actuarial valuation space. By having both the data engineering skills and finance expertise, we are uniquely prepared to help building your financial and actuarial models to run on terabytes of data.

Actuarial and financial modeling

Our previous work includes building up applications for IFRS17 modeling & simulations, financial consolidation, asset-liability management and crafting data assets for one of the world's leading reinsurers. We can help you build the best cloud solutions for your own unique problems.

Open-source technologies

Our typical tech stack includes open-source tools such as Python, pandas and PySpark. We use open data formats that make our solutions compatible with any tool of choice. This gives you the greatest possible flexibility to integrate your products with other vendors' software.

Consulting & training

In today's digital world, the ability to harness the power of your data is imperative. Throughout our careers we have trained dozens of financial analysts to become proficient citizen developers who went on to develop innovative tools. With our consulting and traning service we are determined to scale up your teams to benefit from the advances of technology.

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